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GoMoto partners with Ford and Panasonic to offer the new 24/7 Smart Service Kiosk, automating the vehicle service process.

This industry-first all-in-one solution is designed for the outside environment and includes key drop-off, payment, and automatic key return.

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Kiosk technology for the service lane that provides streamlined, self-led customer check-in and payment.

Complete with appointments, digital loaner agreements, e-signatures, trade-in equity mining, payments, receipts, and recommended service upselling.

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Upgrade the sales experience, reinforce process, and capture powerful customer analytics.

GoMoto provides progressive dealers comprehensive solutions that generate sales activity and bridge the gap between shopping online and in-store.


GoMoto creates cloud-based, customer engagement technology that drives sales and delivers a modern and efficient dealership experience.

Our fully integrated hardware and software solutions combine the most familiar aspects of internet research with comprehensive in-store functionality to provide seamless buying and increase customer satisfaction.



Customers start the conversation online shopping by payment, then arrive in-store to a personalized and focused buying experience.

Save time when they arrive. Arm staff with customer details, credit profile and real monthly payments customized to your bank, OEM finance and lease programs.

  • "Soft Pull" pre-qualification w/ credit score
  • No SSN or DOB required
  • Shop by Payment
  • Customizable - Bank, OEM, Lease offers
  • Full bureau provided to dealer


Sales tools for the Showroom, Service Lane and F&I, that extend the online research environment, track staff activity, and simplify registration.

Digital dealership, A to Z. Fully configurable UI with check-in, appointments, license scan, sales collateral, service confirmation, upsell, inventory, payments and more.

  • License Scan w/ CRM Connectivity
  • Services, Checkout, Payment
  • Programs, Incentives, Specials
  • Trade-In Equity Mining
  • Inventory w/ Search by Payment


Track sales interactions–including ‘Ups’, ad-spend, customer origins and more–monitor staff and customer activity in real-time, from anywhere.

What's your dealership's pulse? Track physical activity and go beyond the CRM and DMS. Stay on top of what's going on in-store with fully configurable notification capabilities.

  • Floor traffic capture
  • Sales engagement with customers
  • Customer origins and ad referrals
  • Ad spend vs. in-store arrival tracking
  • On-demand and exportable reporting

Why GoMoto?

With the majority of today's buyers solidifying their purchase decision online before entering the showroom, dealers must provide an expedited path to purchase in-store that compliments the online environment and extends the buyer's experience and control to win the sale.

GoMoto's integrated suite of sales tools keep the deal moving. Our straight-forward interfaces connect the online to offline, reduce overall transaction time, and ultimately instill confidence in your dealership and the overall buying process.

Experience Matters

Of modern buyers end up purchasing the same make/model they had in mind when they first visited the dealership.

2015 Automotive Buyer Influence Study, Autotrader

The majority of shoppers are fully prepared with as much research as possible before walking into the showroom.

2014 Car Shopping Trends,

Only 17 car shoppers and buyers out of 4,000 — less than 1% — chose the current dealership process as their ideal experience.

2015 Car Buyer of the Future Survey, Autotrader

A survey of 2,000 in the U.S. revealed, 9 out of 10 consumers want an extremely efficient vehicle purchase process.

2014 Gen Y Automotive Study, Deloitte

Price to payment on computer/tablet was the preferred means of communication in working out the deal, over print and verbal means.

2014 U.S. Sales Satisfaction Study, J.D. Power

The GoMoto Effect

  • Top GoMoto dealers report:
  • $220 uplift in PVR
  • 23% increase product penetration
  • 1.5% increase in CSI
  • 95% of floor traffic captured
  • High usage dealers capture 98% of floor traffic, while moderate usage dealers capture approximately 92%
  • 39% average spike in CRM data capture including full license scan with phone and email
  • Some dealers saw as high as 70% uptick in data capture
  • 22 minute reduction in the meet and greet to test drive
  • GoMoto process takes 5 minutes
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"The customer feedback has been extremely positive. We have seen an increase in engagement and interaction between customer and sales staff and have sold an additional 1-2 vehicles a month via the electronic brochure process. Overall, the GoMoto HUBs have had a very positive impact on our gross profit."

Kenny Sims, General Manager

David Maus Volkswagen

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"A technology based sales experience is critical to ensuring we stay in front of a new generation of connected customers. GoMoto's interactive process enables salespeople to work side by side with prospects as they are educated on our product; this builds credibility and trust in the sales experience, and ultimately, our dealerships."

Michael Smyth, President

Mainline & WillowGrove Jaguar Land Rover

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"GoMoto's HUBs have completely changed our dealership and simplified the sales cycle for our sales team and our customers alike. Not only have our sales numbers increased exponentially, we are so pleased to be able to provide our customers with complete transparency throughout the entire process."

Kristen Bear, General Manager

JohnBear Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac

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"The addition of GoMoto to both our new and pre-owned departments has streamlined our sales check-in process, immediately scans customers license into our CRM eLead, and provides the ability to select both the appropriate in stock vehicle, schedule a test drive whether now or on the future, and even provide a basic estimate on the value of the trade in if there is one. All with the first 3 minutes of client arrival. I wish we had this years ago."

Steve Chase, General Sales Manager

Brown's Toyota of Glen Burnie

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"Streamlining the product presentation and sales process in our showroom is key to maintaining our highest levels of customer satisfaction, especially with an increasingly tech-savvy clientele. GoMoto’s interactive features enable us to deliver an exceptional showroom experience and preserve the credibility of our sales department and entire dealership."

Frank B. Hanenberger, Owner

Metrowest Subaru

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